Japan History Lab

HISTR 365 2015 Readings

Here you will find readings that are not available elsewhere. Click to download the files.

Lecture 1: Lingering Horrors

Kingston, Jeff. "Abe Statement was Vague in all the Wrong Places." Japan Times, August 15, 2015.

Fackler, Martin. "U.S. Textbook Skews History, Prime Minister of Japan Says." New York Times, January 29, 2015.

Workshop 2 Setting the Scope II

See also the Updated Syllabus

Peter K. Bol, "What Do Humanists Want? What do Humanists Need? What Humanists Might Get," in Dear, M. J., Jim Ketchum, Sarah Luria, and Douglas Richardson, eds. GeoHumanities: Art, History, Text at the Edge of Place0. London: Routledge, 2011, 296-309.

Partner, Simon. Toshié: A Story of Village Life in Twentieth-Century Japan,, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2004., Chapter 3 "The Village Goes to War, 59-102. Available online here (requires Uvic Netlink ID)

Workshop 3 Setting the Scope II

See also the Updated Syllabus

Rosenberg, D, and Grafton, A.Cartographies of TimeNew York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2010.Chapter 1 & Chapter 8, pp. 10-26, 238-247.

Review online maps in the “Digital Mapping Examples” folder of the class’s Zotero group “Japan History Lab,” www. zotero.org/groups/japan_history_lab/items/collectionKey/Q9XH2GBW

Workshop 6 Theme Check Up I, Oct. 21 , 2015 (MacLaurin D115)

See also the Updated Syllabus

Rice, Richard. “Japanese Labor in World War II.” in International Labor and Working-Class History, no. 38 (October 1, 1990): 29–45. (Available on JStor)

Workshop 8 Theme Check Up II, Friday Nov. 06 , 2015 (Clearihue A102)

See also the Updated Syllabus

Kratoska, Paul H. ed. Asian Labor in the Wartime Japanese Empire: Unknown Histories. Armonk: Sharpe, 2005, Chapters 12 & 13, 237-264.