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Sorge: The Spy In Their Midst

By: Dan Hitchen

Everyday Life in Manchukuo: Representations and Reality

by Jordan Hilderman


An Introduction:

The League of Nations and Japanese Politics

By David Somerville


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A map showing countries that withdrew from the League of Nations1.

Unit 731: The Side of the Scientist

When thinking about medical experimentation during World War II (WWII), one’s mind often turns to Josef Mengele’s experiments at Auschwitz. Josef Mengele and his experiments are infamous and their brutality is known around the world, yet Unit 731 is rarely talked about. Unit 731 was a program created by the Japanese Government, in which thousands of lethal biological and chemical experiments were carried out on Japan’s prisoners of war during WWII.

Tokyo Rose: Narratives of Race, Nationality and Gender for Nisei during the Second World War

Tokyo Rose

Narratives of race, nationality, and gender for Nisei during World War II

By Josie Junck

Leyte Gulf: The Killing Blow

by William Chaster



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